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Attention Agents!

Stop managing other people’s problems.

Get paid for your connections instead!


Refer property owners to manage their units with us and receive: 

  $150 Transfer contributions

 1% annual contribution on collected gross rent

  Keep the rental and sale listing

  $100 Rental Renewal Bonus


Investing in Real Estate is an excellent way to create wealth; yet it must be done with a system. Many things investor overlook include tenant screenings, rent collections, evictions, maintenance, HOA fees and countless more.


Not handling any of there can quickly turn a cash flow investment into a financial and legal nightmare.


We are complete management solution.



 Tenant screening and selection

 Maintenance Handling

 Handling Association and Insurance payments

 Monthly reports

 Best market price of  6-8% management fee

 Coordinate Evictions


All with on one communication and guaranteeing a hassle free investing experience.